The Big Move

The Big Move

DORIS sunrise move (1 of 1)

This is how dawn found her; DORIS, poised to leave Crocker’s Boatyard after 30 years, glowing in the new day’s anticipation.

Pulling onto the streets of New London one couldn’t help but imagine her full sail – there she goes catching the wind and breaking free. This majestic yacht, now weathered and tired, yet there SHE is, the great yacht that sailed through the waters off the Isle of Shoals and beat the great Gloriana. There is our DORIS, still a magnificent beauty, carrying the regality and spirit of her past, holding high and boldly sailing to windward.

This historic event involved the monumental effort of so many people but specifically we want to express our gratitude to the wonderful professionals at Crocker’s Boatyard and Brownell Systems Transport.

Miss the DORIS move? Stay tuned to this website for video footage detailing the event, coming soon.

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