We are currently looking for information about DORIS (Ex Vayu, Huntress, Astarte) and would love to hear about any experiences.  Please fill out the form below  and someone from the DORIS team will get back to you. 

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  1. When was the last time Doris sailed?

    I don’t want to name any past owner, but was she sailing in Stonington in 1987? I worked at Skippers Dock restaurant then, and the crew there were treated at the end of the Summer to a sail around Fishers Island by a well-to-do person who was in possession of an extremely refined sailing vessel- which looks strikingly like Doris.

    I had some sails repaired at a place in New London {unnamed} and mentioned the excursion aboard the vessel of the mystery ship owned by the unnamed person, and was informed that it was currently at Crockers, which strangely enough I had been wandering through and alongside only days before.

    I didn’t make the connection then. But it looks to me as if it could very well be the one and the same. And if so…YES…she’s a beaut.

    1. DORIS was not sailing in 1987 – although she was towed from Deep River to Crocker’s Boatyard in the early-mid 80’s. I’m interested to know the “mystery yacht”, could it be SPARTAN?

      1. Hi Heather.
        I’m not sure of the name of the boat. But It was owned by Dave Kellum.

        A person who should know the name is Aisnley Turner, who owned Skippers Dock and Harbor View restaurants in Stonington, along with her husband Jerry. Ainsley had some photos of the strip when she owned the restaurant where Sailor Ed’s was in Stonington {Quiambaug House, I think} And I sure would love to see those photos again. If I ever run in to Ainsely or her son, I’ll be sure to ask.

        I myself took a walk around Vayu while it was at Crockers. And I didn’t believe it was the same boat due to the amount of deterioration. But I had thought that perhaps stripping of the old paint might account for its weathered look. The legnth and beam looked about the same size of the boat we sailed on. When I remember who went, there had to have been close to two dozen of us.

        Glad to be of any help, and hope to see Doris sail in full glory. And to be on it, of course.

        1. Dave Kellams did own DORIS, or VAYU at the time, however his time of ownership was through the mid to late 70’s (75 to 78). By 1979 she was no longer sailing and by the mid 80’s near the condition that she’s in now (although she did still have a deck). I believe the last time she sailed was 1978 after having some work done at Mystic Shipyard. I’m very curious to hear if it WAS her – perhaps some photos will surface? We have collected various photos of her from other sources, her falling into disrepair, that will be posted as blog entries as we work out the timeframe.

      2. Post note- Don’t know why I didn’t think of it…

        Another person who may know is my “boss” at the time {lol} Paul Fidrych, who owns Paul’s Pasta in Groton.

        It’s been a long time since I’ve patronized his place. But I’ll definitely have to stop in and to say hello, bring up the subject of which boat was the vessel in question, eat a plate of pasta along with a salad and San Pellegrino.

        Sounds like a splendid plan.

  2. I have 2 photos of Vayu from when I saw her in Crockers about 2011 – not sure how great they are. I was trying to “click and drag” them over to “comments” but it did not work. Please tell me a way – email perhaps – to get them to you.
    Thanks Heather.

    Jim Madden

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